Fresh Cut Landscaping.

All services are provided by quality-trained professionals in our field. Attention to detail is paramount in everything that we do.
  • Concept

    Our professionals will create a beautiful outdoor space for you.
  • Landscape

    Our landscape experts will transform your space into an outdoor oasis.
  • Maintenance

    No need to worry about time-consuming upkeep, we offer maintenance services for your convenience. Keep your space looking great with professional service!

Fresh Cut Landscaping – Family Owned and Operated

Randy and Brenda Newfield are fourth generation New Orleanians who, following Hurricane Katrina, wanted to expand their grass cutting business to something that would help meet the needs of our recovering city. From humble beginnings using Dad’s lawn mower and edger, Randy and his bride Brenda have built Fresh Cut Landscaping, a full service business that has helped bring back beauty to homes and businesses around the city.


Our team will work with you to envision what you want for your space. We will take the time to study and understand your space, and to work together to explore how we can make your space as beautiful as you want it. This includes discussion of shrubbery, trees, paths, ponds, and more.


Every house and piece of land is a blank canvass for landscaping. Finding the style that works is important, and we want to collaborate with you to ensure that your project is exactly what you want. From bushes and flowers to trees, ponds, and pools, we can do it all. Below you’ll find just a few examples the versatile projects we offer.


On top of landscaping, we also work with clients on custom, professional construction projects. This adds beauty and value to a home. We have several offerings:

  • Pools with hot tubs patios for outdoor dining
  • Decks for lounging
  • Outdoor kitchens for cooking and entertaining

We can do it all! If you have a project or addition in your mind, we will work with you every step of the way to realize your dream. Here you’ll see some examples of the hard work we’ve done on various homes around the city. You’ll see how a small project can make a huge difference.


Just because the construction is done, doesn’t mean the project is too. Landscaping needs maintenance and careful care, and we will provide that for you too! Our team will be able to assess from the start what kind of maintenance your project will need going forward, and we will communicate with you going forward as to what we can do to keep your landscaping beautiful.